Our Mission

Our Mission

* To win souls for Jesus Christ

* To raise up young leaders and to support mission field

* To network with other churches at local, reginol and international level recognizing their autonomous status and interacting with them to the extent that their Christian beliefs resembles that of ours.

Our Vision

Soul Winning

In addition to the present church service, to also operate as multicultural church in its second service reaching out to the local community to win souls from all nationalities for Christ

Train missionaries to enter into the fivefold ministry to function with their gifting and talents in the local church. Sending missionaries into the mission field.

To network with other churches so as to share resources both human and material with them

Train youth leaders to take care of the church and reach out to the community

Cell Group: Expand the number of Cells Groups through evangelism appointing “Area Pastors” to take charge of each Cell Group to teach, preach and take care of the flock on their care.

Prayer Ministry: Hold prayer, Watch nights and intercession ministry.

Youth Ministries: There are two wings designated as: those in university 18-24, those in high school from 13-17 years.

Raising up Young Leaders: To seek people who have a calling in their lives so as to build them through mentoring, theory and practical ministry and to gather and train youth leaders to assume responsibilities in the local church.